About Us

Vernon Oakes is the president and founder of the company. He has a strong background in management and operations; developed in corporate and entrepreneurial environments. Mr. Oakes has significant experience is a wide range of business activities including finance, marketing, sales, sales forecasting, distribution and service, and systems design; both national and international. He has nine years of teaching experience at the college level and two years training of adults for the Department of Interior.

As part of Mr. Oakes’ general management experience, he has used cash flow analysis as a major tool to manage specific business enterprises and has provided leadership in environments where downsizing or upsizing has been implemented to meet financial and profit goals. Early in his corporate career, Mr. Oakes gained tactical and strategic insight into complex real estate and business issues. In his role as the Assistant to the President and Chief Operating Officer of a fortune 100 Corporation, he has had the opportunity to analyze, develop, and present implementable solutions for a wide range of business sectors.

Mr. Oakes has sold real estate as an agent for ten years in New York, California and Washington, DC. He worked for Murchison Realty Company for two years and installed their property management computer system. He has extensive experience with the mortgage process having hosted the “Homeownership, Making Your Dream Come True” radio program on WOL for two seasons. He also worked with the second largest mortgage company in the area, developing their marketing plan to increase market share in the minority markets. He is a member of the Potomac Association of Housing Cooperatives, Inc. (PAHC), Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA), and Community Association Managers (CAM) where he met the requirements to become a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA). He recently became a National Center for Housing Management’s Certified Occupancy Specialist for HUD sponsored housing.

Mr. Oakes received a Masters Degree in Business Administration in Marketing and Finance from Stanford University, a Masters of Science in Mathematics from Penn State University and a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics from Bluefield State College.